Achievement List Unlocked

Say hello to the new Robocraft Infinity blog!

Have you ever dreamed of increasing your Gamerscore by 1000 points? What about having the best time while you’re doing it? Today I, Noddydog, am here to tell you how.

Robocraft Infinity, coming soon to Xbox one, will have 34 achievements for a total of 1000 Gamerpoints. To start with you’ll get 30 points just for completing the tutorial, great start!

You’ll get another 30 points every time you get 25 kills with a weapon type. You’ll also get 20 points each for playing 25 games while using each movement type and another 20 points each for killing 25 robot that have each movement type. That’s 19 achievements for a total of 450 points just for experimenting and playing Robocraft Infinity.

Next you’ll get 20 points for using each of our modules 5 times in a battle, an easy 80 points in total for these.

Now, do you like to prove you are the best? Want a badge and an achievement to make sure everyone knows about it? You are in luck my friends, each time you gain a new rank you’ll gain an achievement, with the top rank, Protonium, giving you a tasty 100 point achievement.


Anyway, enough chit-chat, check out the full list below and let us know what you think.

Achievement Name Description Points
The Bees! Get 25 kills with ProtoSeeker 30
Hugs! Get 25 kills with Tesla Blades 30
Points of Light Get 25 kills with Lasers 30
Magnetic Personality Get 25 kills with Rails 30
I’ve got tone! Get 25 kills with Missiles 30
Burn Therapy Get 25 kills with Plasma 30
Fly Swatter Get 25 kills with the Aeroflak 30
Shield Wall Use your Disc Shield Module five times in one battle. 20
Lights Out! Use the EMP Module five times in one battle. 20
Open Window Use the Windowmaker module five times in one battle. 20
Power Up! Use the Weapon Energy Module 5 times in one battle 20
Protonium Miner Capture 20 control points. 40
Party Animal Win 5 battles with a full group. 50
Bronze League Earn a bronze ranking in League 10
Silver League Earn a Silver Ranking in League 25
Gold League Earn a Gold Ranking in League 50
Diamond League Earn a Diamond Ranking in League 75
Protonium League Earn a Protonium Ranking in League 100
Hurt Locker Fight your first ranked battle. 20
Mr. Popularity Earn robits via the CRF 100 times. 50
Power Shopper Gain mastery level 10 on a robot purchased from the CRF. 30
I Got This Complete the Tutorial. 20
Walk this Way Play 25 games with a robot with mech legs/sprinter legs. 20
Scuttle Time! Play 25 games with a robot with insect legs. 20
Fly the Friendly Skies Play 25 games with a robot with wings or rudders. 20
Keep on Truckin’ Play 25 games with a robot with wheels. 20
Armored Cavalry Play 25 games with a robot with tracks. 20
Such a Fan! Play 25 games with a robot with hover. 20
Sweep the Knee! Kill 25 robots that have mech legs. 20
Burn it with Fire! Kill 25 robots that have insect legs. 20
Wing Clipper Kill 25 robots that have wings or rudders. 20
Flat Tire Kill 25 robots that have wheels. 20
Tank Killer Kill 25 robots that have tank tracks. 20
Hitting the Fan Kill 25 robots that have hover blades. 20

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