Game Modes Update


Greetings Robocrafters!

Today we have released an update to Robocraft Infinity that is designed to quicken the pace of both Team Deathmatch and Battle Arena game modes.

In summary, we’ve changed the rules of both game modes to make matches last a shorter amount of time to create a more intense experience where each moment truly matters.

These changes should also mean that more players are in the matchmaking queue at all times, which will equal less waiting time for all.



We’re currently working on a MASSIVE content update which we’re hoping to release before the end of May. This update will:

The update has lots more in it as well, which we’re currently testing and we’ll have more news on that front next week.

As always be sure to follow @RobocraftINF via Twitter for the latest game news and give us your feedback on these changes and the rest of the game via Love them or hate them we want to hear from you!