The Big Boom! Update Now Live


Hey there Robocrafters,

If you’ve been keeping up to date on all-things Infinity, you’ll know that we recently announced some planned changes to the game with the removal of both Cosmetic Crates and Galaxy Cash and the introduction of Cosmetic Credits. We’ll we’re super-hyped to tell you that the BIG BOOM! Update is NOW LIVE.

This update will bring with it lots of new toys for you to play with alongside major improvements and bug fixes galore. In addition to the cosmetic-related changes, we’ve made a HUGE number of improvements to the game and fixed a whole load of niggling bugs too. The full patch notes are below.

As we’ve already said, It’s a rather big update, so here’s a TL:DR of the juicy stuff.



The following balance changes were made as part of the Big Boom! Update.

Some part tooltips have been updated to display the correct information



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