Brilliant Building

This is our third Robocraft Infinity Dev Jam and this time we’re taking a deep dive into building, including talking numbers and the specifics of weapons and movement parts. Remember, if you want to know more about building, progression or just Robocraft Infinity in general join us on Discord or Reddit for a chat.

Let’s have quick recap for those not in the know about Robocraft Infinity. Infinity is the new robot building-driving-fighting action game coming to Xbox One later this year. The original Robocraft was released for PC in 2013, and Infinity is an evolution of that game sporting new polish and features optimised for Xbox One.

Building The Basics

Before we get into the details let’s cover the basics of building. In Robocraft Infinity you start building by placing down layers of blocks. This first stage is arguably the most important and a lot of planning should go into this stage to make sure you’ll have room for all of the other parts.

You should add movement parts next, like Mech legs, hovers, or Aerofoils(Wings). Then add weapons. You can do this in multiple ways and styles, add lots of smaller weapons, like the Laser Wasps, in order to be able to fight until the end without running out of energy or losing all your weapons. Alternatively you can add a single gigantic weapon for high burst damage or even a mix of both.


The next stage is to place special items like armor plates or Modules. There are 12 different sizes and shapes of armor plates with their own pros and cons but you should be able to find at least a couple that’ll fit where you need them.

Modules are quite large (6x6) and should be placed close to the center of your robot for the best protection, make sure you plan for this when laying out the body of your robot. You don’t always need a module but the Disc Shield Module, which erects a shield for a few seconds, or Blink Module, which teleports you a short distance instantly, are good choices.

The Final stage is to decorate your Robot with colors and cosmetics like masks, spikes and flags. You’ll be able to place down at least 6 and up to 24 different cosmetic parts for free (without the regular cpu cost), depending on which version of the game you purchase. We call this Cosmetic CPU.


All robots have a size limit, we call this limit CPU and each item will have a different CPU cost. However it is not always in your best interest to max out your CPU and build the biggest robot you can as your damage boost stat is based on the amount of CPU on your robot. The health boost stat is determined by the amount of actual health cubes and the speed boost is determined by your movement type and the amount of thrusters on your robot.

Building Changes

So, with the basics out of the way we can talk numbers. RCI, as we call it in-house, has a 3000 CPU limit, which is up from the PC version by 1000. This greater range gives us a better ability to balance the game and gives you more options. This along with the removal of the nominal count (the optimum number of guns for the best fire rate) means that a greater range of robots can be competitively viable while also being aesthetically pleasing.

With the increase in CPU and the removal on the nominal count you’ll no longer need to pack on loads of weapons to get the best fire rate, one or two will do depending on how much redundancy you want. This means we’ve also increased the CPU cost of most items, with the exception of cubes themselves, they stay at 1 CPU each. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that we’d like players to pick a role or two, such as anti-air, healer or sniper and stick to it rather than all players being jack of all trades.

Another change we’ve made is that we’ve introduced building XP for everyone. This mean you can earn XP and parts just by building. We’ve made sure that only genuine builders gain XP as you’ll only receive it when actually building.

Body Builder

The body builder allows you to construct the core of your robot, made exclusively of cubes, from prebuilt sections.

Choose from a tank, car, hover or tank, then choose the front and back of your robot from loads of options. Lastly you’ll pick your color scheme then take it to the build screen where you’ll add your movement and weapons. If you’re inexperienced at building the body-builder is the best place to start. You can even use it to learn how a good body is put together.

If you’re a long time player and veteran of Robocraft PC you’ll find the building in Infinity familiar yet refreshing. It’s been optimised and improved across the board. If you new to Robocraft you’ll find the building intuitive and the controls easy to pick up.

In short - Building has been MASSIVELY improved, all this in addition to all of the improvements we’ve made over years in Robocraft PC makes for a really excellent building experience. To be in for a chance to find out for yourself and take part in the closed beta join our Xbox club, “Official Robocraft Infinity” and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.