Rotors and Chain Guns Update NOW LIVE


We’re happy to announce that the Chain Guns and Rotors Update is now live!

This update is the very first update for Robocraft Infinity and features new Chain Shredder and Splitter weapons, new rotor movement type, an increase in the rate of which you can level up in-game and some other fun tweaks. Essentially you can now build awesome helicopters like this guy:

Check out the full patch notes below:


The Chain Shredder is essentially a mini-gun which has a very high fire rate and can cause lots of damage at close range. The Chain Splitter is a smaller version of its bigger brother which has a smaller CPU requirement and is more viable for smaller builds, such as flyers.




Also we had a bit of downtime earlier this week in which players couldn’t log-into the game. In order to make up for this downtime, we’ve decided to give a free Cosmetic Crate to all players, regardless of if they were trying to log-in during the downtime or not.

All those who log into the game before Tuesday, 24th April at 11:59 UTC will receive the crate automatically when they log-in.

To give us feedback on this update, please visit We’d love to hear from you.