Dev Jam - Fighting Fit

In our final Devjam before release I, Noddydog, will be going over some basic aspects of fighting. Get ready for an explosive blog! First, for those of you who don’t know, Robocraft Infinity is the new robot building-driving-fighting action game coming to Xbox One on April 11th. Now, let’s get into the details!

Game modes

To start off with we have to talk about game modes. We have two PVP game modes Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch is simple, and works the way most do. There are two teams of 5 players and the first team to achieve 25 kills wins. If the score isn’t reached in 10 minutes whoever has the highest score wins, if the score is tied, when the time expires, the game enters a sudden death scenario.

Battle Arena is a little different, it’s a capture point game mode. You need to fill your reactor with protonite energy by capturing as many mining points as possible. There are 3 points in total and the more you have, the faster the you gain energy, and the less progress the enemy makes. Once one team has filled their reactor to 100%, indicated by the percentage bar at the top, they claim victory and the game is over. In the event that neither team has completed their reactor within the time limit, the team with the most protonite energy will win by default.


The are there are currently 7 types of weapons in Robocraft Infinity. The line-up includes Lasers, Plasma Launchers, the Railgun, the LOML (Lock-on missile launcher), Protoseekers,Tesla Blades and the Aeroflak Cannon. Each of these weapons are suited to different situations, however, Lasers our most well rounded weapon and I would recommend starting with them. The Plasma weapon does damage in a large area and works well against a groups. It is well suited as an air to ground weapon or for bombarding groups at medium range. Railguns are long range and have an increased zoom compared to other weapons, however, they lose major accuracy in the air.

The other weapons are even more specialised but both the LOML and the Aeroflak Cannon are excellent anti-air weapons. The Tesla blades are currently our only melee weapon, they deal massive amounts of burst damage but have low health and are vulnerable to being destroyed from afar. Lastly there is the Protoseeker which automatically targets the nearest enemy to your reticule.



As for movement, you can walk with mech legs, drive with wheels and tank tracks, float with hoverblades and fly with wings and rudders. Like the weapons, each of these movement types suit different situations and tactics. For starting out, I would recommend mech legs or hoverblades as they are the easiest to control. Tank tracks are good as, well, tanks as they have the a large health pool. In addition they also have a advantage over other movement parts that have more health, like Mech Legs, with their low profile and speed. Finally wheels and planes are great for speed.



As stated earlier Battle Arena is a point capture game mode, this means that your number one priority is not necessarily kills, but attacking and defending points. If an enemy is retreating from a point, sometimes it is better to focus on capturing that point, rather than chasing your target. If you manage to capture all of the points, your enemy’s base shield will go down and after a minute your team will start dominating. This doubles the speed at which your Protonite reactor charges. At this point you have two options, defending the points in order to continue dominating or attacking the enemy reactor. Doing this will reduce the enemy’s reactor charging progress, whilst increasing yours, essentially stealing it.

Next we should talk about the protonium core, also known as the equaliser. The core appears at 3.30 minutes and 7 minutes into the game. If you are winning, you’ll have to defend the core and if you’re losing your goal is to destroy the core. Doing so will equalize the charge on the reactors. When playing you will have to make a decision between capturing a point or attacking/defending the core. If the score is close, it is not always the most efficient decision to destroy the core and you should continue to focus your attention on capturing points.


This is all the sage wisdom I have for you today so get out there and claim victory! For more advice on tactics or how to form a party with fellow Robocrafters you should join our Xbox Club on your console by searching “Official Robocraft Infinity”, and to stay updated on Robocraft Infinity make sure you’re following us on Twitter at @RobocraftINF.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in battle.