Dev Jam - Infinity Progression

Welcome to the first Dev Jam for Robocraft Infinity! These developer diaries are designed to shine a spotlight on some of the most important systems and mechanics in our game

Robocraft Infinity is a remastered version of Robocraft on PC in pretty much every way. We’ve optimised the controls for console, we’ve overhauled the way that combat works and we’ve made changes to core gameplay aspects like CPU costs, UI flow and lots of other aspects which we’ll expand on in future Dev Jams.

On the face of it, the most obvious differences for Robocraft Infinity compared to Robocraft, is that our game is a pay upfront title rather than being free-to-play. This reason for this is that we’ve always wondered what kind of Robocraft experience we could create if we weren’t worried about monetisation. What if we could just let you play the game the way you want and give you proper freedom to build?

Introducing The Infinite Cube System

In Robocraft Infinity, once you unlock a design of any cube/weapon/cosmetic or anything else you can place down infinite versions of it when creating your bot. That means that once any of the cube shapes drop, you instantly have an unlimited number of them to place on your robot as you see fit. That means that within the first hour of play you’ll have enough travel parts and common cubes to create complex robot designs easily!

Fancy race car

In Infinity you can earn crates through two different methods:

  1. Earning XP and levelling up
  2. Logging in every day

For method 1, you simply take part in matches and earn XP based on your performance. The better you perform in matches, the more XP you earn. The faster you earn levels, the more parts you accumulate. At every level achieved we offer a Gold crate apart from every 5th level when we give out a Diamond crate and every 10th level when you get a Protonium crate. The better the class of crate, the better chance you have to get better items. Simple, right?

For method 2, all you need to do is log in to get a crate. Not take part in a match, not create a robot, just simply log in.

On your first day, you will receive a Rusted Salvage Crate (our lowest quality of crate) and each consecutive day that you login you will be given the next quality rate up; from Rusted to Bronze to Silver to Gold to Diamond to Protonium. If you keep logging in every day, you will continue to receive a Protonium crate, which due to the Infinite Cube system means that you can unlock the designs of the best parts of the game quite quickly.

Crates earned from levelling have 8 slots and crates earned from daily login have 4. There is no Premium membership in Robocraft Infinity, so everyone has the gets the same number of slots in their crates as standard. We believe these two methods of getting crates reward not only the best players but also the most committed to Infinity.

Because you unlock unlimited numbers of any given part as soon as they drop, crates should become more meaningful. No more worrying about getting that additional version of the same weapon to have optimum fire-rate, or additional hovers to distribute the weight properly on your robot - once you have that design it’s yours to spawn in as many as you like. Well, CPU permitting.

In terms of the specific level-based rewards. This means that you are getting crates regularly, but not after every match. That way they don’t become an annoyance, but your part accumulation is still very fast compared to Robocraft PC.

How Crates Appear in Robocraft Infinity

Robits Progression

Sometimes the RNG gods just aren’t with you and you end up getting dupes of designs you’ve already unlocked in your crate. In those cases, we automatically recycle those parts as soon as they land in the crate, which you can then use to spend on unlocking a new part in the Inventory screen. Easy, peasy!

Shiny new

More Freedom, Less Grind

When we initially sat down to design Infinity, the first thing we wanted to do is offer the same compelling Robocraft experience on PC, but streamlined and optimised for the console audience. The progression system is just one element of that streamlining, with Infinity offering less grind and more freedom to design whatever robots you want in an atmosphere which is free of monetisation pressures.

Oh and last but not least. To avoid pay to win accusations, you can’t purchase crates to speed up your progression in Robocraft Infinity. Instead progression is 100% earned by taking part in matches and/or designing awesome robots and popping them onto our new and improved Factory.

More on the Factory and its ramifications for the rest of Robocraft Infinity in the next Dev Jam due first week of January. :)

Feel free to tell us what you think of this new system on the new Robocraft Infinity subreddit and we’ll answer as many questions as we can.