Free Cosmetic Crate to All Players


You may noticed earlier this week that we had a bit of downtime due to our servers failing to communicate effectively with Microsoft’s services. This in turn prevented players from logging in. Thankfully this issue was rectified very quickly and we’ve decided to give out 1 FREE COSMETIC CRATE to every Robocraft Infinity player as a way of us thanking you for your patience during launch week.

As the name suggests, Cosmetic Crates only contain cosmetic items such as holoflags, masks, speedometer and weapon skins. These items offer no advantage to you on the battlefield but they can make your robot look a little cooler.

Hopefully you unlock something cool! We’re keeping our fingers crossed to unlock that sweet, sweet Rainbow Cray holoflag so we can make something like this little guy…


All you need to do to get your Cosmetic Crate is log into the game before Tuesday, 24th April at 23:59 UTC. If you log in after that time you won’t get your complimentary Cosmetic Crate.

Be sure to give us feedback on the current status of Robocraft Infinity visiting We’d love to hear from you.