Getting Started

Hey Xbox gamers! NoddyDog here, Community Manager on Robocraft Infinity.

If you’ve never heard of Robocraft Infinity it allows you to build robots block-by-block and take them into battle online against players from across the world and it’s set to launch as an Xbox One exclusive later in the coming months.

In Robocraft Infinity there is no limit to what you can build and take into battle. As we have a block-based system of creating robots, inspired by Minecraft, it’s possible to build whatever type of robot you want - be it an animal, car, jet, tank, mech, dinosaur in a top hat, or something inspired by your favourite sci-fi game series.

In this video we show off lots of different robot designs, give you a look at the game’s combat and take you through a selection of some of the weapons and cube types you can use to build your robot.

Robocraft Infinity is the first title we’ve ever made for consoles, so we’re massively excited to hear all of your feedback. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook if you’d like to tell us your thoughts on the game and keep an eye on for more information.

Thanks all!