Ghosts in the Machine - Out Now


We’re incredibly happy to announce that our latest update for Robocraft Infinity is NOW LIVE! The awesome Ghosts In The Machine update is full to the brim with powerful new technology and weapons designed to take your battles to the next level!

Whether you prefer to play a support role, our get up close and personal, this update has something for everyone. Read on for the lowdown on these new and exciting game-changers for Robocraft Infinity.

See you on the battlefield.

Ghost Module - This cloaking device for your Robot is the perfect piece of must-have technology for stealth-based combat. Combined with the new Ion weapons, the Ghost Module allows you to sneak up on unsuspecting players and deal mega damage.


Ghost Module Data:

Ion Destabilizer & Ion Distorter weapons - The ultimate in CQC weaponry. Get in close to deal maximum damage with these Ion weapons. This high-impact, low fire-rate duo are the perfect weapons for frontline offensive tactics. Combined with the new Ghost Module, they are a force to be reckoned with!


Ion Destabilizer Data:

Ion Distorter Data:

Nano Binder, Nano Mender & Nano Constructor healing weapons - Support your team when confronted with a hailstorm of destruction. The three new nano weapons are the perfect parts for those players that prefer to take on the role of healer; dishing out health to their teammates in the heat of the battle. They can also be combined with traditional damage dealing weapons for hybrid Robot builds.


Nano Binder Data:

Nano Mender Data:

Nano Constructor Data:

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