Dev Jam: Gotta Go Fast


Greetings Robocrafters!

We’ve all been there. You’ve pimped out your robot and your ready to rock, but you still feel the need for that something extra to surprise your opponents with.

Well today’s your lucky day. On Thursday the 3rd of May we’re proud to bring you a high cpu, legendary module and sprinter movement legs.

Both will leave your enemies in the dust. We want to give the tools for faster game play and fun little tricks that will spice up your battles.

Now you can really change the tide of battle by working out the best time to use them and which weapons they work best with.


Gets you from A to B in the blink of a cyborgs eye. Use this to quickly get yourself out of, or into, trouble.

This modules works best for pouncing on, intercepting and contesting an enemy who’s capturing a point.

Unexpectedly make your huge tanky Dino Mech dash across the map, your fragile Plasma Bomber jump back to safety or your carefully crafted Tesla bot close the distance.

Note: works best if you use a your best British accent and say “Engage Warp!” before use.


Sprinter legs are a lightweight version of heavy mech legs. With higher top speed, but less health, you’ll quickly traverse the map and get to your favorite position to pounce faster.

There’s a rare (Perseus), epic (Hermes) and cosmetic (Carbon 6) variant, all with the hidden ability to perform a sudden rocket powered quick jump forward.

Using these you’ll be dancing around your enemies. These legs are also a gift for all manner of artbot ideas.


If you us follow on our social spaces you’ll have seen yesterday’s tease for the Ghost module. Unfortunately during testing today we discovered a visual bug which indicated your location to enemies even when this module was active, which obviously ruins its purpose a tad! As soon as we squish that bug, we’ll be getting the Ghost module in the game, so stay tuned for an ETA on that.

Share with us your cool moments

Pull off a cool maneuver? Secured that vital kill? Discovered which module work best with which weapons and movement types?

Let us know how you get on at the following Robocraft Infinity channels: