Dev Jam - Infinite Iteration

Get ready for your second Robocraft Infinity DevJam with your new community manager, NoddyDog! In this developer diary I’ll introduce myself and talk about some of the new and changed features in Robocraft Infinity.

To start with let’s get the introductions out of the way. My name is Dan but you should all call me NoddyDog. I’ve worked within the Robocraft PC community for years and now, with Infinity, I’ve taken over the show. I like video games, Motorbikes and long walks on the beach. I dislike horses, shellfish (eating them, not personally, I think they’re neat looking) and filling out forms. I’m 6’2, 27 years of age and male. Want to know more about me? Join our discord channel here and ask away!

So, what is Robocraft Infinity? Infinity is the new robot building-driving-fighting action game coming to Xbox One later this year. You may have heard of Robocraft in the past as a F2P game for PC but Infinity is a whole new beast. With each new DevJam I’ll reveal a new and improved feature, exclusive behind the scenes content and more.

Exponential Duplication

We covered the infinite cube system in our last DevJam, (click here if you missed that), which directly feeds into what we’ll be talking about today.

Infinite cubes means infinite Robots. So, as long as you have the needed cubes unlocked there is no limit to the amount of robots you can download and play. No need to purchase premium or any premium colours.

If you don’t have all the cubes unlocked for the robot you want, you can always spend in-game currency called Robits, to unlock the parts needed.


Now let’s say you have built a Robot and you love the design but you feel with a few tweaks it can be even better. Do you take the risk of ruining your favourite robot or do you try and build it from scratch with the new improvements? Well, now you don’t have to take a risk! Just simply open the robot options menu and hit duplicate. Voilà you now have two versions to play with; allowing you to keep your original copy and iterate on the next for no extra cost.

You can even do this with Robots you have downloaded! Keep iterating and improving until you have the ultimate design.

Find your Style

With our brilliant filter system you can find your style and improve your building skills by finding the best robots that suit your style! You can look-up the name of that unkillable robot you saw in your last game or the name of a player you know to be one of the great builders. Then you can filter the Robots by part, and even specify the size of the part you want to use. Not only do you get a kick-ass robot but you’ll also be able to gain an understanding of how it’s been built by disassembling it in editor.


If you still aren’t able to find something that suits you try using the sort function. Take a look at the most combat worthy or stylish robots by sorting by those ratings or just see what’s hot right now by sorting the results by most downloaded.

Crafter Rewards

With all these benefits for fighters, who’d ever want to build? Wait, you do? Well I got good news there too! For each match that another player completes with your Robot it will gain a level, up to level 10. Each level earns you 500 Robits! That’s enough to unlock an unlimited amount of 2 basic parts that you’ll keep forever!


Unlimited Infinity

When it came to designing the Factory for Infinity we wanted to keep it in line with our vision for the rest of the game. We want to offer that same compelling game formula that Robocraft has on PC, but streamlined and optimised for the console audience. To that end we have made it easier than ever to share and play every robot imaginable.

Next time we’ll tackle the details of building and what we’ve changed for Robocraft Infinity. :)

Let us know what you think of the streamlined Factory on the new Robocraft Infinity subreddit and we’ll answer as many questions as we can.