Infinity Livestream #3

Hello again my fellow Robocraftians, time for even more great news! (Can you believe it?) Noddydog and Andy once again run the gauntlet of speaking coherently and playing our awesome Xbox One exclusive Robocraft Infinity at the same time!


For even more fun you could downloading the Insider App and join up for our Beta, you’ll even have a chance to face off against us Devs!

Once again we’ll run over the basics if you’re still having trouble balancing that bomber or being blown up by one. So that’s a building tutorial, tips on fighting and we’re taking a look at the CRF to see how we can improve your bots and more. We’ll also be giving out 2 copies of the game, yes 2! Tune in to find out how to win them!

Check it out, this is exactly how long you have to wait.

See you in Battle!