Infinity Livestream #4

Hey there Robocrafters,

It’s time for us to once again put on our glad rags and appear in front of the camera for another Robocraft Infinity livestream over on Mixer. Andy will be joining our Community Manager LeftOfNever for two hours of Robo-building and battling shenanigans; will they be victorious in battle? Who knows? Join us to find out.


In this week’s livestream they’ll be taking a closer look at the recent Big Boom! Update, playing some games of Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch and fielding any questions you may have. They’ll also be giving away some Game Pass codes so you can try Robocraft Infinity for yourself.

The fun starts at five! (or whatever the time is in your country). Check out the countdown clock below - this is how long you have to wait.

See you in Battle!