Bye Bye Cosmetic Crates


Greetings Robocrafters!

The Infinity development team is busy, busy, busy at the moment!

We’re currently in the process of finalising our BIG BOOM Update which should launch in the coming weeks. We’ve been working on this update since launch and it features lots of improvements around network compatibility, game stability, bug fixes, a new weapon (wooooo!) and lots more.

We’ll talk more about the Big Boom update soon™, but today we’re focusing on the removal of Cosmetic Crates and introduction of Cosmetic Currency in Robocraft Infinity.

The Problem With Crates

Currently when you open a Cosmetic Crate you get four cosmetics randomly and if you have any of those parts already unlocked you’ll get Galaxy Cash to spend on other cosmetics in the inventory screen. This causes some players to feel frustrated that they don’t get the part they want and also has the knock-on effect of feeling pay-to-win to some players; even though Cosmetic Crates never containe anything that will give you a combat advantage in battle. So in order to address both the frustration and the misconceptions, we’re getting rid of Galaxy Cash and Cosmetic Crates entirely starting with the BIG BOOM update.


Rather than having to hope that the random number gods are looking down on you favorably, soon you will be able to purchase Cosmetic Credits (CC) from the store and get the cosmetics that you actually want!

You’ll still see cosmetics dropping in Level Up crates and you won’t lose any cosmetics you’ve unlocked prior to this update. It’s just that soon you will also be able to buy the part you want directly via CC. Prices are below:

Cosmetic CPU:

Cosmetic CPU is CPU that can only be used exclusively to add cosmetic items to your robot. At the moment the only way you can get the Cosmetic CPU above the default value of 6 was to purchase the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition. This update we’ll be changing that.

Now each time when you purchase Cosmetic Credits from the in-game store you will unlock additional Cosmetic CPU, up to a maximum of 24. Full breakdown below:


Bundles and Remaining GC

As part of this change we will be updating the Robocraft Infinity Deluxe and Ultimate Editions to include 500 and 1,000 Cosmetic Credits respectively when purchased. If you own either of these editions prior to the Big Boom update going live, you’ll also receive 500 or 1,000 Cosmetic Credits (depending on which edition you purchased) retroactively, at no extra cost, as soon as you log into the game. Consider this our way of saying thank you for showing faith in the game.

Any remaining Galaxy Cash you have on your account will be converted into Cosmetic Credits, so there’s no need to use all of your GC before the update goes live. We do have a plan to reward GamePass players and purchasers of the regular edition very soon as well, so keep an eye on the website and social channels for more details.


As always be sure to follow @RobocraftINF via Twitter for the latest game news and to give us your feedback on these changes and the rest of the game contribue at