Pre-Order Announcement

The mech legs have been constructed, our armor cubes sanded smooth and the robots are ready to be unleashed! Robocraft Infinity launches on April 11th and we’re pleased to announce that the game is now available to pre-order via the Xbox Store.

Now of course if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you will get access to the game as soon as we launch on April 11th, however if your subscription is running out and you want permanent access, buying the game is your best choice, especially as you’ll save 20% on the purchase with Game pass.

There are three different versions of the game available - Standard (RRP $19.99), Deluxe (RRP $29.99) and Ultimate ($39.99) which are detailed below.

Before we go into details we wanted to let you know that we’ve deliberately designed the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition to only contain cosmetic benefits. If you buy one of these beautiful sets of cosmetics the only advantage you’ll gain is looking fabulous.

So what are all those shiny things in the each Edition of the game? Let us tell you.

Deluxe Edition


The Deluxe Edition will bag you the green developer supporter Holoflag, which are a fancy ways to show off your commitment to Robocraft Infinity. This edtion also comes bundled with the Cray Cosmetic Pilot Seats. Both of these are also cosmetics - they look cool sure - but they won’t impact your robot’s combat effective. Finally you’ll receive 5 cosmetic crates and 12 total cosmetic CPU.

Ultimate Ediition


In addition to what is included in the Deluxe Edition you’ll get and extra 5 Cosmetic crates (for a total of 10) and the Neon Cubes, which are exclusive to the Ultimate Edition. They work exactly the same as the standard cubes but with a jazzier colour palette. Cray’s mates, Gene and Tianhe, will be joining him in this edition in their very own pilot seats. A gold Dev supporter is also included and is the same as the green one but is GOLD and SPARKLY! Finally you’ll get a total of 24 cosmetic CPU.

Cosmetic Crates are crates that have 4 slots that only contain cosmetic items and are sold separately in-game. The Deluxe edition comes with 5 of these, Ultimate edition had 10. Similar to Overwatch, the only items you can pay for with real money are cosmetics.

Cosmetic CPU is something all players, regardless of which version of the game they purchase, will have access to. Cosmetic CPU goes beyond Infinity’s maximum 3000 CPU and can only be used exclusively for cosmetic items like flags, masks, vapor trails etc. when building your robot. Every cosmetic part is only 1 CPU no matter function or form.

Regular owners get access to 6 CPU as standard, Deluxe owners have access to 12 CPU and Ultimate owners have access to 24 CPU.

For a full comparison of all the different editions side-by-side see the graphic below:


The pre-order pages are live now on the Xbox One storefront. All you need to do is check out the “coming soon” section of the store page to find us.