Robocraft Infinity OUT NOW


We’re pleased to announce that Robocraft Infinity is now live and available via the Xbox Game Store.

Overnight we’ve had thousands of players jump onto servers and begin creating robots and we’re massively grateful to everyone for playing the game and giving us feedback.

To show our appreciation for your support we’re giving away an exclusive Retro Pilot Seat cosmetic to every account that plays the game in April, regardless of if they purchased the game outright or if they started playing Xbox Game Pass. If you’ve played Robocraft Infinity, you will find the cosmetic part in your inventory.

This little guy, like all of our cosmetics, doesn’t provide any actual combat advantage, unless you count looking cool. Cosmetic crates include holoflags, masks, weapon skins, and parts like the speedometer and altimeter. If a weapon skin drops you will need to have that part already unlocked through normal play in order to use it on a weapon.


Speaking of weapons and new parts. We’re happy to confirm that we’re currently working on adding new parts to Robocraft Infinity over the coming weeks and months, which are detailed below:

If there are any players of Robocraft PC players reading this, those names will certainly sound familiar! We’re also pleased to confirm that we’re adding all these new weapons, modules and movement types to the game for free. These will simply drop from level up crates and will be unlockable with Robits. As always with Infinity, if you have a part unlocked you can use it multiple times on each and every robot you own.

We plan on launching Rotor Blades, Chain Shredder (essentially a giant gatling gun) and Chain Splitter within the next two weeks for free into the game. These new components will only drop from level up crates and cannot be acquired in any other way.

We’ll share more news about what’s coming to Robocraft Infinity in the next week, but for the time-being get online, build some robots, send them into battle and tell your friends about the game!