Chain and Rotor Update

Hello Robocrafters! Today we have some fantastic news! Robocraft Infinity’s very first update is ready to roll out this Friday. The update will be free to all to download and play!


“So, what actually is in the update?” I hear you ask. Well we have two crazy weapons for you, the Chain Shredder and its little brother: the Chain Splitter. We also have some beautiful and majestic Rotor-blades for you as well as some changes to progression and damage boost. Let’s get into details!


First things first! The new parts, what are they and how do they work? Let’s start with the chain guns. The Chain Shredder is a massive rapid fire gatling gun, it fires about a million shots a second, (okay, more like 16 shots a second), but does have a wind up time. This weapon is very effective at medium to close range however loses effectiveness over longer distances. The Splitter is essentially its younger brother, it has less health and does less damage however it also costs less CPU, is smaller, cheaper and cost less energy.


Next we’ll take a look at rotor blades. Although both wings/rudders and rotors allow flight they behave very differently. Rotor blades enable you to hover steadily at any height and turn on the spot, you’ll also be able to ascend and descend on the spot, making them much better at point capture. We have three different sizes coming to Robocraft Infinity: Recon, Invader and Assault. Each of these has different stats and advantages. For example while the Assault has a massive amount of health and lift, it’s also massive and therefore difficult to add more than a couple to your robot. The opposite is true for the Recon, it’s tiny but has very little health, plus you’ll need quite a few to lift your robot.

Progression Changes

We heard your feedback and have decided to make some quick changes to progression. During the beta we felt progression was way too fast. This was mainly due to building XP being on overdrive. However you would also be able to open a crate after nearly every battle. We may have overcorrected when cutting XP gain.

So, what have we done to boost progression? Two things actually, increased the rate at which you level up and increased the drop rates for rarer parts. To be specific we’ve doubled the drop rates of legendary parts and boosted the drop rates of epic parts by a couple of percent. Leveling up has been sped up by 33%, both in build mode and battle mode. All this means more crates and rarer items from those crates.

Damage boost

We’ve reduced the amount of damage boost a team will receiv when a player leaves the match. This is due to some players purposely leaving the game to give one member of their team a huge boost. This made it clear that the booth was a little too high so we’ve reduced it by 50%. We’ll keep an eye on this to make sure this is the right amount. Let us know if you feel it needs to be increased or decreased.

Remember to follow us on Twitter, and let us know what you think about the changes over on our subreddit! That’s it for this week, make sure to get your robots ready for Friday and I’ll see you in battle!