Welcome to the Robocraft Infinity Blog

Say hello to the new Robocraft Infinity blog!

Consider this your one-stop shop for all information about our robot-building and battling game launching exclusively on Xbox One early next year.

When we first announced Robocraft Infinity back at E3 2017, it was still relatively early in the game’s development. At that time, we had a basic idea of what features we wanted and we mentioned a little bit about them at the time. Things like the Infinite Cube system, massive Combat Redux, controller support etc. but we stopped short of explaining anything in real detail. This was a deliberate move on our part.

In those early months, we got a basic build of Robocraft running on console fairly quickly. This was the same one we showed off at E3 2017 - you can see that very same build here - and since then the game has evolved massively!

We’re now ready to talk about all of the game’s core features in detail, with first Devjam focused on the game’s progression systems

We’ll have way more to reveal in the run up to launch, so consider this information the tip of the iceberg.

We also have a new and shiny subreddit care of long-time Robocraft community member Kaolol for you guys to chat about the game and give us feedback.

As ever we want to thank all of you for your patience over the past 6 months. Things are about to get interesting… :)