The Big Boom! Update - Coming July 18th


Hey there Robocrafters!

We are super-excited to announce that our first major update for Robocraft Infinity, the cunningly titled Big Boom Update launches on Wednesday July 18th. This update will bring with it lots of new toys for you to play with alongside major improvements and bug fixes galore. You guys have been incredibly patient waiting for us to get the update out the development door and so a big thank you to you all for your continued support for the game on Xbox One.

So, what’s in the update? The full five pages of update patch notes (yes, it really is that big) will be released next week when the update launches; but here’s the top-level TL:DR bullets of what you can expect.

Finally, as way of thanking you for your patience and support for the game, everyone that checks out the update in July will receive a special gift from us when they login. We’ll reveal what that is next week!